photo by Sean Golding

photo by Sean Golding

In October 2014, Michelle Burke received an ice cream maker for her birthday. With this fulfilment of a childhood dream, much ice cream and merriment was had by all. But by the time the Pacific Beer Expo rolled around, a dark cloud had settled. What next? Would all future gifts pale in comparison?

Jess's suggestion of 'a calendar of beautiful beards' was met with enthusiasm, and after a few more tastings, things had spiralled out of control into a charity beer calendar for the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network. At the afterparty the next day, we had a list of volunteers and it was too late to back out. 

Initial calculations led to what we believed was an ambitious-but-achievable PledgeMe goal of $4,000 raised over a five week campaign. It only took ten days to reach that goal and a month to triple it. 

Thanks to donated kegs, the launch party, silent auction, and a last minute donation from Colin Mallon of The Malthouse, we donated $15,000 to SAPN. Beer people really are the best people. 

In 2015 and 2016, we brought back the calendar for a total of over $40,000 raised for SAPN. We're on hiatus at the moment, but get in touch if you're interested in helping bring back the calendar for 2019. 

Megan Whelan & Jess Ducey