garage project mad scientists

Does your bar or brewery want to model in the 2017 calendar?

First, start brainstorming photoshoot ideas and talking to potential collaborators. 2015 and 2016 included album covers, mad scientists, lumbersexuals, vampires, revolutionaries, formal wear, and underground fight clubs. History, film, literature, and music make good starting points for ideas, but feel free to devise something completely new. 

Then, send us an email with your ideas for a shoot - theme, costumes, participants, shoot location, celebrity guest stars, even a photographer if you know one. For example:

Bar ABC + Brewery XYZ propose a West Side Story Jets v Sharks dance battle, shot in Opera House Lane. Lorde has volunteered to play Maria. They have a lot of leather jackets but need help finding a photographer.[1]

We'll collate all the pitches to ensure we get a good variety of themes and geographic representation, maybe even put some to a popular vote, and then select the final 13 images. We'll come along for art direction, help you source specialty props and costumes, and connect you with photographers, but we're asking models to take the lead on committing to a shoot to leave us time to organise the more logistically-challenging NSFW shoots. 

We'll give preference to collaboration shoots involving multiple groups and to those who have also sponsored the calendar (this is for charity, after all!). Bonus points for ideas including cute animals of any variety. 

NSFW Edition

Keen to get your kit off for charity? [2] Drop us a line today to volunteer. We're going for quirky and cheeky (pun intended) rather than sexy, so don't be shy. If you've spent more than five minutes with Jess or Megan, you know just how vocal we are about body positivity. All bodies are beautiful!

Collaborations between two or more people are especially welcome, but if you're short on ideas and long on confidence, we'll sort you out. Strategically placed bars, kegs, hand pulls, hop flowers, and other props can be used as needed to preserve your modesty. 

That said, if you're not quite ready to strip down this year but have a funny idea for a theme, let us know. The best kind of nudity is consensual nudity. 


[1] This is just an example. Feel free to steal it. Please.
[2] Isn't a nude calendar to raise money for the prevention of sexual violence inappropriate? Actually, nudity, sex, and violence are all different things. The presumption that nudity is inherently sexual is part of the reason talking about these things is really difficult. Sexual violence is about power and aggression, not sex or passion [PDF link]. If you need help, it's available